BNC-Female to Motorola MX Antenna Adapter Connector

Rp 30,000


Product Description

BNC-Female to Motorola MX Antenna Adapter Connector

This adapter allows the user to install a standard BNC type antenna on Motorola GP63, GP68, GP2000, GP 3188, CP1660, CP1300, SP10 and many other radios.  This is an equivalent part to Motorola HLN8262A.

  • 1/4″ x 32T Thread
  • Nickle Plated Brass Construction

Important: This adapter will not work with Motorola P200, HT600, and MT1000. (See Below)

WARNINGWhile antenna adapters, like this one, will mechanically screw onto a Motorola Genesis Series radio do not use it on Motorola P200, HT600, MT1000 and similarly designed radios. The issue is many users incorrectly assume any 1/4-32T threaded antenna, connector or adapter will work. Wrong! The antenna’s shielding ring at the base of the antenna on some Motorola radios is hot. The Motorola Genesis Series radios gets its ground from the accessory connector, and not from the antenna’s shield. So, if you install the Motorola HLN8262A adapter on a Motorola Genesis Series radio both sides (i.e., the center conductor and the shield) will radiate RF. This will result in a very high SWR and it will eventually damage your Motorola Genesis Series radio.


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